世界最小・最軽量に挑戦!高性能モバイルバッテリー『SMART COBY』 クラウドファンディング「Makuake」にてプロジェクト始動

The cloud funding site “Makuake” has started the “SMART COBY” project, a credit card-sized ultra-smallest and lightest mobile battery from September 12 at 12:00.

Overturning the concept of a mobile battery and aiming for the ideal mobile battery

Many mobile batteries up to now
・ I’m worried about the small capacity
・ Although it is a bit heavy, it is safe because it has a large capacity and fast charging
I think that there are many who use it while compromising something.
We are thinner, lighter, smaller … and high capacity and high performance. We have begun product development aiming at such an ideal mobile battery, and have been aiming for products that can be 100% satisfying in order to eliminate the conventional compromises.
C (Compact-small)
O (Optimal-best)
B (Battery-battery)
Y (You-to you)
With the concept, we finally arrived at the ideal mobile battery.

Features and specifications of SMARTCOBY

・ Thickness is only 13mm, volume is only 76mm and super mini size !!
  * 8000mAh mobile battery 2019 09
・ Approximately 2 eggs at 137g
・ Compatible with next-generation fast charging standard PowerDelivery3.0 and QuickCharge4
・ Macbook can be charged
・ Compatible with multiple functions (pass-through compatible)
・ Compatible with iPhone11 ・ iPhone11 Pro ・ iPhone11 Pro Max Quick Charge Specification (18W)

Ultra-light weight of about 137g in 8000mAh class with thickness of 13mm in business card holder size

“SMART COBY” has achieved a significant weight reduction compared to conventional mobile batteries. It’s almost the same size as a business card holder or a general card, so it’s easy to carry around. In a bag, a pocket, a pen case, it is stored quickly, and it charges quickly. No need to worry about charging space even on a small desk.

Even if you charge it in your bag or backpack, it can be easily carried without any bulk.

You can play your smartphone more than once! It is equipped with large capacity battery although being super lightweight

“SMART COBY” is equipped with a large capacity 8000mAh battery that can charge a smartphone more than once. If the battery capacity is low just because the size is small, it is useless because the battery is insufficient.

With two smartphones of battery capacity, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery in case of emergency. Of course you can use it comfortably on tablets and game consoles. We promise a comfortable charging life anytime, anywhere. There is also a larger capacity of 10000mAh.

Equipped with advanced high-speed charging standard PowerDelivery3.0 / QuickCharge4

Now, most smartphones are compatible with all types of fast charging. With a low output mobile battery, the smartphone’s original performance cannot be demonstrated at all.
“SMART COBY” is compatible with PowerDelivery3.0 and QuickCharge4 (compatible with QC3.0), so it can be charged quickly on both iPhone and Android. As a low cost, the iPhoneXS can handle about 50% ultra-fast charging in 30 minutes.
In addition, since it supports 18W output, it also supports charging Macbooks and iPad Pros.


⼤容量でも蓄電速度が遅ければその効果は半減します。 モバイルバッテリーへの蓄電速度が早ければ1時間充電するだけでかなりのバッテリー容量を蓄電する事が可能です。




モバイルバッテリーへの蓄電は、MicroUSBケーブルを使って蓄電する事が⼀般的です。つまりiPhoneユーザでもAndroidユーザでもわざわざモバイルバッテリー⽤ に専⽤ケーブルを所持しなければならず、⾮常に使い勝⼿が悪いです。

『SMART COBY』があればiPhoneユーザはLightningケーブルで、Androidユーザであれば Type-Cケーブルでモバイルバッテリーへの充電に対応しているので、持ち歩くケー ブルは1本で済み荷物の軽減が可能です。




You can choose from 2 models according to your application.
Anyway, light, small, Lightning input correspondence is good! Then 8000mAh model is recommended.
I’m worried that it’s not large… Android users have a good capacity! You need a lot of charging ports! If so, the 10000mAh model is recommended. If you get lost, we recommend the 8000mAh model.
8000mAh model is available in four colors (black, white, pink, turquoise).
The 10000mAh model has two colors (navy white).
* 8000mAh model accessories: charging cable (USB-A to USB-C), hanging strap, storage pouch, cable band
* 10000mAh model accessories: charging cable (USB-A to USB-C), storage pouch
* The hanging strap and cable band are not included in the 10000mAh model. Only the storage pouch is attached.

Product Specifications

Usage scene